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If you have a penchant for presenting, are confident and enthusiastic, then why not apply to join the team here at KindaSound.

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We're looking for volunteer members to support the KindaSound voice across the world with life experiences and great stories.

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We are currently broadcasting on Sundays only, followed by a re-broadcast on the Wednesday, aiming to expand our programs towards a 24/7 broadcast schedule. Please see the Program Schedule page for details.



We are offering a no cost network opportunity to people who are passionate in their field of expertise and are keen to share your wisdom by joining our team and hosting it yourself on KS Radio, through Zoom from the comfort of your home, guided by one of our studio managers. Basic training will be provided. Keep in mind that kindness to people, planet, and animals is at the core of our programs. We'll take care of all the technical broadcast stuff, music & jingles, leaving you to share about your topic. You're welcome to bring on a guest too. Contact for a Zoom meeting.



Book KindaSound Radio to host part of your special occasion/event, or leading up to or after the event. It is intended to connect all your guests around the world on radio for the booked time slot, and it's easy as pie for all ages to tune in and listen. We'd meet with you priorly to plan the program e.g. music, humour, tributes, thanks, speeches, live performance, etc. This can include the broadcast of a Zoom meeting.

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For a Global Community

KindaSound Radio... innovative project supported by the Missing Kind Charity; a radio platform seeking to make a difference and create a lasting legacy of positive social and environmental change.


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A more compassionate world


A more compassionate world


To deliver a Worldwide broadcasting platform for those with a message to positively influence societal thinking and promote Kindness to People, Planet and Animals

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This is application is for people who wish to participate on our broadcasting platform. It is for those who would love to work on a platform with a message to positively influence societal thinking and promote Kindness to People, Planet and Animals. Your work will mainly be online hence remotely, because we use web-based broadcasting software and our office admin and filing sits in the cloud. There is also opportunity for out-in-the field work, creating footage for podcasts & youtube, and participate in kindness missions.

The following areas offer opportunity for volunteer involvement; admin, dj, podcast and video production & editing, research, social media, marketing.

Broadcast Me

Thank you for your interest to contribute to the KindaSound broadcasting platform! We offer the following means of engagement:        

  • an in-person interview at one of our studios
  • live interview via online connection
  • out-of-studio broadcasting,               
  • or a podcast sent to us which we will schedule into our broadcasting program. 

If you wish to start a debate, we have created a space called which will be broadcasted via KindaSound Radio too.


Enabling kind and knowledgeable souls around the World to:

  • Give people the hard and impartial facts and inform public-thinking on many topics important to the cohesion of society, the rebuilding of connection in community, and the protection of our planet and all its inhabitants
  • Promote their messages of hope and restoration for a troubled world
  • Encourage kind thinking through show-casing inspirational endeavours that are making a real difference
  • De-stigmatise and publicise topics that are often the cause of much pain for many
  • Seek opportunity to rebuild lives and allow everyone to live their desired and deserved future
  • Build support for their aligned social and environmental causes

What will each day sound like?

We’re aiming for a 24 hour broadcast schedule, packed with inspiring programmes, music, chat and fun!

Each day we will feature interviews with people and charitable organisations around the world who are doing good things; for each other, for the planet and for the creatures who share it with us. And we’ll be inviting knowledgable guests to join us in debates about topics that should be important to us all.

We’ll have music and chats to brighten up your day and get you motivated to spend it being kind - to yourself and to those you meet.

There will be advice and practical sessions on keeping our bodies and minds healthy and phone-ins sharing stories of kindness and triumph over adversity.

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If you want to find out more, or be part of our exciting KindaSound Radio project then please do get in touch..


We’d welcome help with any of the following:-

  • Radio Equipment
  • Volunteer technicians to help us set up and keep us broadcasting
  • Volunteer radio hosts to deliver some of our shows once live
  • Volunteer interviewers from around the world who can feed in inspiring programmes for our listeners
  • Musicians and play-writers with a message in their work, who we can showcase on our radio platform
  • Marketeers who can help us reach a wide audience

If you want to be part of making a positive difference in the world, like what we’re doing and think you’ve got what it takes to help us get this show on the air, then please get in touch