Make each other up (part 2)

Andriana Make up Part 2To feel important is one of the best feelings, is it not? 

It makes our hearts jump with joy of our own. It makes our confidence grow. It gives us the assurance that we and we alone have the unique strengths and virtues that the others could not possibly have at the same moment.

Think again. 

To have the self-assurance of the very own purpose. 

To have our work (and ourselves too) recognised and praised -gets the "feeling important" moment to the surface of our being. 

"No one else could`ve done it the same way! It`s unique and it is the "My way" - is recognised, accepted and very often praised by the others.  A good feeling, is it not? 

To feel important is to reach the understanding that what we do has an important impact on the outcome of any situation not only for us but for the ones related to us in one way or another at this very situation. 

Growing the feeling of being important is not always as we perceive it and as we see it though. We should stop and reflect from time to time.  The over-growth of this feeling could lead us in many different directions. One could be also a direction of separation from the others, instead of being praised for what we have achieved. There is a possibility for us to be recognised as over-confident, narcissistic or having a big Ego which instead of growing healthy connections with the people could easily turn the opposite way and place the question: how could we "make each other up”?

Where is the middle ground for the feeling of importance? - It lays in the kindness and the sense of being humble. 

Yes, it is good to know we are important and to accept ourselves as important people.

This acceptance greatly grows the feeling of responsibility but also the expectations of the others for and from us and our work. In this regard we should be very much aware of  how much self- importance we need to feel, to be feeling honestly and consistently good in ourselves and to make other people feel good about us and themselves too.  The balancing of the feeling of importance is a very personal thing.  Sometimes people have the need to feel more important, sometimes people get tired of feeling so important...

 Here I would refer to Kindness again. In the first case - remember; Everyone and everything is important - sometimes more, sometimes less. In the second case - remember; Nothing is too important neither a person nor a job as nothing is forever important and this is what makes the life humble at times and keeps the good balance in the nature of all things.  

Feeling important for Oneself is very important for the personal well-being too but more important is how we balance this feeling to maintain our well-being and the well-being of the others.  Here I would refer to the acceptance and recognition of the feeling of importance of the people around us and how they deal with it.  The importance of the emotional intelligence in our behaviour and in handling the connections that we maintain throughout our life is greatly important too. 

To feel important is a basic human need and no matter of the proportions every person experiences this feeling many times in a lifetime, in unique different ways and on unique different levels. 

So, imagine a world where the feeling of importance is balanced in a way that no single human being will think and act feeling more important or superior than another human being. 

Imagine a world where the importance of each one is recognised as a unique thing and appreciated as such - then we could openly and honestly say:

 Yes, we do live in a kind world and we are all important in so many different ways just as much as the world needs us to be. 

Andriana Andreeva

Stob, Bulgaria

Image by Francesco Ciccolella

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