The Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine

Ian Lynch 14 Feb rites of man show flyerThe ‘Sacred Masculine’ and the ‘Divine Feminine’ or the ‘Divine Masculine’ and the ‘Sacred Feminine’ are expressions used to describe the essential nature at the core of our human existence, as well as the creative essence of life within our Universe. For some people, they can be felt as distinctive forces within, whilst for others, they are just another piece of new-age pyscho-babble.

On Sunday 14th February, Ian Lynch will be joined on the Rites of Man Radio Show by guests Anne Marie Morello, Beth Gordon, and JC Yogi to discuss and debate with him the meaning of these terms and their relevance today, if any, to the way that we live and conduct our lives.

If we accept their existence, then what are qualities of ‘sacred’ masculinity, those tangible characteristics, traits and energies that we can resonate with? Perhaps we might say dutiful, loyal, brave, passionate, adventurous, expansive, in balance with nature, alert, accepting, resourceful, resilient, romantic, courteous, considerate of others as well as our own needs, playful and humorous, disciplined and spontaneously available to life. And what of the characteristics of ‘divine’ femininity, the very essence of the creative forces helping to create, nurture and hold life in existence. Would we say caring, unconditional love and an open heart, a forgiving nature, compassionate, wise, ability to listen, intuition, poetic disposition, communication skill, harmony with nature, and an understanding of the replacing of the old with the new? How do you personally, if at all, experience the essence of masculine and/or feminine energy and characteristics within you? What qualities might you use to define the sacred and the divine nature a mature and healthy man or woman and those of that reverberate through life around us?

How we see ourselves and others shapes the quality, vitality and beauty of our lives, for the world we look out upon is hugely dependent on our inner landscape, and whether this is peaceful or turbulent, awake to the present moment or hostage to the past and the future like the comings and goings and goings of the tides.

This show will be an opportunity to comment upon, and to ask questions or share your own wisdom with our studio guests. We will share four pieces of music to capture some of the qualities of or honouring’s to the ‘sacred’ masculine and the ‘divine’ feminine that might be said to permeate all life as we know it.

Join us Sunday 14th February live, or message us via in advance of the show.

With many blessings, Ian Lynch and the KindaSound team

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